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Tent with Garbage Bins


We carry 8' wooden rectangular banquet tables with a 30" width. These tables seat 8 or you can put a chair at each end and seat 10 guests. Our 60" wooden round tables seat 8 comfortably. These tables are manufactured with a 3/4" plywood; coated with combination sealer/stain and sealed with a top coat of polyurethane. Both of these table sizes also come in a white durable polyethylene plastic tabletop with a powder-coated steel frame.

If your planning a simple yet elegant cocktail party then our Bar Height/Cocktail Table is a must have! This table is 43" high with a  32" width made of light weight yet durable blow molded plastic. The folding metal frame is powder-coated for protection.  

Our Celebration Chair is a strong yet light weight, brown folding chair. The frame is made with 18 gauge tubular steel.

Rectangle Table Circular Table Tall White Table

We also carry globe lighting. Each strand of globe lighting is 30′ long and comes with eight 6″ globe lights. This is a very simple and very economical type of lighting that we can install on our small frame tents and pole tents.

Brown Metallic Chair White Folding Chair Light Bulbs

                                                        ***TENT SIDEWALLS ARE RENTED SEPARATELY ***